Sunday, April 13, 2008

Halocho #94 - Schedule for Erev Pessach on Shabbos

This year Erev Pessach is on Shabbos. This happened 3 years ago and will happen again in 13 years time (2021/תשפ"א - 5781). Since Erev Pessach is on Shabbos, the standard pre-Pessach schedule is different. Here are some highlights in chronological order: - The Fast of the Firstborns is on Thursday. In case of need, the firstborn may break his fast before doing Bedikas Chometz. - Bedikas Chometz (searching the house for leaven) is done on Thursday evening. - The first Kol Chamiro (annulling all Chometz that one isn't aware of) is said after Bedikas Chometz on Thursday night. - Burning all Chometz (besides what is needed for the next 24 hours) is done on Friday morning - check your local luach (Jewish calendar) for the correct time. No Kol Chamiro is said. - The sale of Chometz should be organized with your local Rabbi by Friday morning. He'd probably appreciate if you come by earlier in the week. - In order to prevent complicated halachic situations one should do the following on Friday:

  • Prepare the Salt Water for the Seder.
  • Roast the Egg and Bone.
  • Make the Charoset.
  • Light a 26 hour (Yahrzeit) candle from which to light Yom Tov candles on Saturday night, unless one will have another flame available, like a gas range.
  • Prepare wicks for the Yom Tov oil-candles, as one may not re-use the Shabbos wicks.
  • Prepare candles for the Yom Tov candles, as one may not melt candles nor trim them on Yom Tov.
  • Open the boxes of Matza, so as not to tear writing on Yom Tov.
  • Ensure the wine bottles can be opened on Yom Tov without tearing any writing; else open them beforehand.

- Ensure Challa has been separated from the bread to be used on Shabbos as well as from the Matza to be used on Yom Tov. - On Shabbos morning one must finish eating Chometz by a third of the day - check your local luach for the correct time. More details about this tomorrow. - After one finishes eating Chometz on Shabbos morning, one disposes of the leftover Chometz and says the second Kol Chamiro - annulling all Chometz still in one's possession. - One may not make any Seder preparations on Shabbos. One must wait until the time for Motzai Shabbos - check your local luach for the correct time. One can then say "Boruch Hamavdil ben Kodesh L'Kodesh" - ברוך המבדיל בין קודש לקודש - "Blessed is He who separates between the Holiness of Shabbos and the [lesser] Holiness of Yom Tov", and then light Yom Tov candles from an existing flame and start cooking and preparing the table for the Seder. Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 96:5, 110:6, 115

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