Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Halocho #1184 - The 4 minim; putting it all together!

On Sukkoth there's a Mitzvah to shake the four species; a Lulav, 3 Haddasim, 2 Aravot and an Etrog.

 When shaking them on Sukkoth, the Lulav, 3 Haddasim and 2 Aravot are tied together and held in one's right hand, and the Etrog in the left hand. (Lefties hold the Lulav in their left, Etrog in the right.)

 All 6 branches must be facing upwards, with the side where they were cut off the tree facing down.

 The spine of the Lulav must be facing you. The 3 Haddasim are tied to the right of the Lulav. The 2 Aravot are tied to the left of the Lulav.

 The Lulav is first bound with 3 ties typically made of palm leaves. The 3 Haddasim and 2 Aravot are then bound to it with another 2 ties. The Haddasim should be slightly higher than than the Aravot.

 The spine of the the Lulav must protrude at least 1 Tefach (8 cm - 3") above the Haddasim and Aravot.

 The top Tefach of the Lulav should not have any ties on it.

 Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 136:8

 Wishing everybody a Chag Same'ach!

 - Danny
 Tuesday, 13 Tishrei 5774

==> Add a reminder to your calendar for Eruv Tavshilin for tomorrow and next week, if you don't live in Israel.

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