Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halocho #418 - The Yom Kippour Mitzva

Any work that may not be done on Shabbat may not be done on Yom Kippour. In addition there is a Mitzva in the Torah unique to Yom Kippour: afflicting oneself. To fulfill this Mitzva properly one should keep in mind that the Yom Kippour restrictions are a fulfillment of this 25-hour long Mitzva. This Mitzva includes the following prohibitions: - On Yom Kippour one may not eat nor drink. If fasting will affect your health, contact a doctor and a Rabbi for instructions. - On Yom Kippour one may not bathe; one may not even get wet unnecessarily. Upon awakening and after relieving oneself one can wash until the knuckles. Before Birkat Cohanim, the Cohanim wash until their wrists. - On Yom Kippour no anointing is allowed. This includes perfumes and deodorants. - On Yom Kippour one may not wear leather shoes. See Halocho #133 for details. ( - On Yom Kippour one may not have marital relations. All the above are forbidden from candle-lighting on Erev Yom Kippour until after Havdala some 25 hours later. Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 133:1 Gmar Vechatima Tova - Danny Wednesday, 5 Tishrei 5770

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