Thursday, January 24, 2013

Halocho #1031 - What is Tu B'Shvat all about?

Our Sages have designated the 15th of Shvat - Tu B'Shvat - as the boundary between one year and the next for trees, since (in most years) most of the rain of the winter has already fallen by then.

Any new growth of fruit after this day, is the result of the blessing of the new year.

Tu B'Shvat is the New Year as far as tithing fruits is concerned:

- Fruit from trees that blossomed before Tu B'Shvat belong to the previous year's Trumot & Ma'aser quota.

- Fruit from trees that blossom after Tu B'Shvat belong to the current year's Trumot & Ma'aser quota.

Since Tachanun is omitted on Tu B'Shvat, therefore on Shabbat we will not say אָב הָרַחֲמִים before Mussaf, nor צִדְקָתְךָ צֶדֶק at Mincha.

The custom is to eat more fruit than usual on Tu B'Shvat.

It is customary to pray for a beautiful Kosher Etrog on Tu B'Shvat.

Source: The Book of our Heritage, Vol I, page 346-349, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 22:8, 139:26. Rosh Hashana Mishna 1:1.

Shabbat Shalom

- Danny
Thursday, 13 Shvat 5773

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