Sunday, May 16, 2010

Halocho #569 - What is a Chagiga?

In the time of the Bet Hamikdash (may it be rebuilt speedily in our days) all men above Bar Mitzva have a Mitzva to appear in the Bet Hamikdash thrice yearly; during the Yom Tov of Pessach, Shavuoth and Sukkoth.

This Mitzva includes offering 2 sacrifices; a Korban Re'iya ("appearance sacrifice") which was completely burnt, and a Korban Chagiga ("festive sacrifice") which was eaten.

These sacrifices cannot be offered on Shabbat.

Preferably this Mitzva should be fulfilled on the first day of each Yom Tov. If the first day of Yom Tov is Shabbat, or if the person has other reasons to delay, then the Mitzva can be done during the remaining days of Sukkoth and Pessach.

Even though Shavuoth is only one day long (in Israel) this Mitzva can be fulfilled during the 6 days following Shavuoth. This is the reason why some congregations do not say Tachanun during the entire week following Shavuoth.

Source: The Book of our Heritage, Vol III, Page 50

- Danny
Sunday, 3 Sivan 5770 - 47th day of the Omer

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