Monday, August 10, 2009

Halocho #387 - A song of praise - Mizmor L'Thoda

During the week one says מִזְמוֹר לְתוֹדָה - Mizmor L'Thoda (Tehillim Ch. 100) after Hodu. One should stand up while reciting Mizmor L'Thoda. Mizmor L'Thoda should be said with joy - since it replaces the Korban Toda - the thanksgiving offering. Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 14:4 Serve Hashem with gladness: come before Him with singing. (Tehillim 100:2) - Danny Monday, 20 Av 5769

Please daven for a complete recovery for Tamar bat Naama - תמר בת נעמה - a 12 year old whose cancer has spread to her lungs.

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