Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Halocho #233 - When do we light the Menora on Erev Shabbath

On Friday afternoon one lights the Chanuka Menora before lighting Shabbat candles. One can light as early as 75 Halachic minutes before sunset.
If possible, one should daven an early Mincha so as to light the Menora after Mincha.
One must start lighting the Menora early enough to be able to light Shabbat candles at the regular time.
On Friday one needs longer candles (or more oil) to ensure the Menora will be lit until 30 minutes after dark.
If lighting near a doorway, one needs to ensure that opening the door will not extinguish the Menora. If needed one should  put a non-flammable partition between the Menora and the door.
Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 139:17
- Danny
 Wednesday, 3rd day Chanuka, 27 Kislev 5769
Please daven for a complete recovery for Tamar bat Naama - תמר בת נעמה

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