Sunday, February 24, 2008

Halocho #55 - What comes after Orlo?

Orlo is the Torah prohibition of eating fruit from tress less than 3 years old. In the 4th year the fruit is called "Neta Revo'i" and needs to be "redeemed" by transferring its status onto a coin.

The coin needs to be worth at least a "peruta" (0.025 grams of pure silver; currently less than 2 US pennies.)

One says "I am redeeming the Neta Revo'i into this coin".

The coin is then destroyed and disposed of. Instead of a coin one can use fruit worth 2 pennies, which then needs to be destroyed.

After redeeming them, the "Neta Revo'i" (4th year fruit) can be eaten, anywhere by anybody.

When in doubt if the tree is less than 4 years old:

  • In Israel the fruit is forbidden. (This is one of the many reasons that fruit needs Rabbinic Supervision in Israel)
  • Outside of Israel the fruit is allowed, as long as you don’t pick it yourself. This is the way Moshe was given the Halocho at Har Sinai.

Sources: Kitzur SA 173:2, Mishna Orlo, 3:9
סעיף ב בשנה הרביעית נקראו הפירות, "נטע רבעי" וצריכין פדיון. כיצד פודה אותן, תולשן לאחר שנגמרו כל צרכן, ונוטל מטבע כסף או פירות של היתר שוות פרוטה, ואומר: בזה אני פודה פירות נטעי רבעי. ונוטל המטבע או הפירות ושוחקן וזורקן בנהר, ואין מברכין בחוץ לארץ על הפדיון.

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