Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Halocho #39 – Financing idol worship

Some say that you may not lend money which will be used for the purchase of building a temple for idol worship or for anything else related to it – and obviously one may not sell such, and the one who refrains will succeed. One may not bind books related to idol worshipers, except for their civil law books. In cases where this would generate animosity one should try worm oneself out of it. Tonight is the first day Rosh Chodesh Adar 1 – if one forgot to say Ya'aleh Veyavo at night (on Rosh Chodesh) one need not make amends. Source: KSA 167:10, 19:10

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  1. Off topic. Somebody asked:

    Hey Danny

    Quick question. We were debating this today and I though you might know the answer.

    Do you need to make a blessing on non kosher food? if one chooses not to eat kosher meet. does he have to make a blessing? can he make a blessing?


    I responded:


    I would agree with what AskMoses wrote:

    No! One cannot make a blessing on non kosher food.
    The reasoning is as follows:
    A blessing expresses one's acknowledgment of G-d's ownership over all of Creation, which automatically obligates one to "ask permission" before benefiting from any of its pleasures. How can one acknowledge G-d's authority whilst flouting His rules?

    See the rest here:

    Note that on good tasting non-kosher medicine (or anything else non-kosher eaten for life-threatening medical reasons) on does say a blessing.

    Hope This Helps

    - Danny