Monday, June 19, 2017

Halocho #1847 - Transporting Kosher food

Kosher meat that is given to a non-Jew to store or transport, needs 2 seals, to ensure it's not tampered with.

The same applies to wine that is not cooked and to fish that no longer have their scales attached.

Cooked wine, wine-vinegar, milk, bread and cheese only need one seal.

The above applies whether a non-Jew is involved, or a Jew who cannot be trusted to keep Kosher.

Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 46:16

- Danny Schoemann
Monday, 25 Sivan 5777

יַיִן וּבָשָׂר וַחֲתִיכַת דָּג שֶׁאֵין בּוֹ סִימָן, שֶׁמַּפְקִידִין אוֹ שׁוֹלְחִין בְּיַד עוֹבֵד כּוֹכָבִים, וּמִכָּל שֶׁכֵּן בְּיַד יִשְֹרָאֵל חָשׁוּד, צָרִיךְ שְׁנֵי חוֹתָמוֹת

 אֲבָל יַיִן מְבֻשָּׁל, וְכֵן הַחֹמֶץ שֶׁל יַיִן וְחָלָב וּפַת וּגְבִינָה, סָגֵי בְּחוֹתָם אֶחָד

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