Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halocho #895 - What should I think about when hearing the Shofar?

The blast of the Shofar should remind us to awaken from our spiritual slumber and start taking our Torah study and Mitzvah observance seriously.

Hearing the Shofar being blown on Rosh Hashanah is a Torah commandment!

This crucial detail should not be forgotten when reflecting on the various symbolic reasons given for Shofar blowing.

One should not talk after hearing the Brachah on the Shofar until after hearing 100 blasts from the Shofar so as not to interrupt between the Bracha and fulfilling the Mitzvah as prescribed by Chazal. This means not talking until after Mussaf.

(As a general rule one shouldn't ever talk during prayer services. On Rosh Hashanah there's another reason why not to so.)

At a minimum one should be careful not to talk after the Bracha until hearing the first set of 30 Shofar blasts.

Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 129:15

Ktiva Vechatima Tova; wishing you a year with lots of time to learn Torah,

- Danny
Sunday, 26 Elul 5771

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