Thursday, July 14, 2011

Halocho #846 - Last chance for a haircut!

It's customary not to have a haircut during the 3 weeks from 17 Tammuz until after 9 Av. This includes haircuts and shaving.

Since the "3 weeks" begin on Tuesday, Monday is the last chance to have a haircut.

It's a Mitzva to have a haircut on Friday in honor of Shabbat, if one needs one.

Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 72,:14, 122:3

This week we will read the Haftara of Parshat Pinchas (starting at Melachim-I Ch. 18:46) which talks about Eliyahu Hanavi. Most years Parshat Pinchas is during the 3 weeks and we then read a Haftara (Yirmiyahu Ch. 1) relating to the destruction of the Bet Hamikdash.

Shabbat Shalom
- Danny
Thursday, 12 Tamuz 5771

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