Sunday, May 30, 2010

Halocho #578 - Talebearing is forbidden

Yesterday's Torah reading ended with Miriam's punishment for discussing her brother Moshe's life with their brother Aaron.

This week's Torah reading starts with the sin of the spies who spoke evil about the Holy Land.

The Torah prohibits us from talebearing; telling one person what another person did, or what they said, or where they went.

Talebearing is forbidden even if the all the information is 100% true; the entire truth and nothing but the truth.

Talebearing is forbidden even if nothing derogatory is said.

An extreme example of the destructive power of talebearing is found in Shmuel-1 (Ch. 21 and 22). Do'eg told King Saul that Achimelech had given [future King] David supplies and a sword. Even though it was the truth - later Achimelech himself told King Saul about it - nevertheless King Saul ordered the city of Nov to be destroyed along with eighty five Cohanim and their families.

One can never know the consequences of passing along seemingly innocent information.

Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 30:1

- Danny
Sunday, 17 Sivan 5770

 Please daven for a complete recovery for 
 Chagai Yitzchak ben Pnina - חגי יצחק בן פנינה

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