Thursday, September 24, 2009

Halocho #419 - When is Kiddush Levana recited this month?

Kiddush Levana (the monthly blessing on the waxing moon) should be said when one is happy, and the 10 days of repentance are solemn days of introspection.

Some people delay saying Kiddush Levana until Motzai Yom Kippour.

On Motzai Yom Kippour Kiddush Levana can be said while still fasting since one is happy with the knowledge the Hashem has forgiven ones sins. This is unlike Motzai 9 B'Av when one has to first eat and put on shoes so as to end the mourning, before saying Kiddush Levana.

Others prefer to say Kiddush Levana before Yom Kippour, since every Mitzvah counts towards tipping the scales in our favor to be granted a good year.

Similarly, some people buy their 4 Minim (Lulav, etc) before Yom Kippour.

This week's Shabbat is known as "Shabbat Shuva" in honor of its Haftara which starts with the words "Shuva Yisrael"; Repent O Israel!

The Minhag is for the Rabbi or some other dignitary to be given the Haftara of Shuva.

Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 130:5, 6

Shabbat Shalom and G'mar Chatima Tova

- Danny Thursday, 6 Tishrei 5770

Please daven for Shifra Bracha bas Mindel Fraid

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