Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halocho #200 - Rachel Imeinu's Yahrzeit

Today, 3561 years ago, Rachel Imeinu died after giving birth to Binyamin. When a son is born, both the mother and father should say the Bracha of Hatov-VeHametiv - "...Who is Good, and bestows Good."

ברוך אתה ה' אלקינו מלך העולם
הטוב והמטיב
If the mother died during childbirth, then the father says the Bracha of Shehechiyanu; "... Who has kept us alive, sustained us and permitted us to reach this occasion" on the birth, and the Bracha of Dayan-HaEmeth - "... the True Judge" on the bad news.
ברוך אתה ה' אלקינו מלך העולם
שהחינו וקימנו והגיענו לזמן הזה
ברוך אתה ה' אלקינו מלך העולם
דיין האמת
If the father died before the child was born then the mother says the Bracha of Shehechiyanu on the birth. Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 59:5 See Halocho #109 for more details about the Bracha on good news. - Danny Sunday 11 Marcheshvan 5769

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