Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halocho #188 - It's a Mitzva to eat!

Tomorrow - Wednesday - is Erev Yom Kippour. It's a Mitzva to eat more than usual on on the day before Yom Kippour in order to have an easy fast the next day. Those people who find it easier to fast if they don't eat too much beforehand, do not need to eat more than usual. On Erev Yom Kippour one does not say Mizmor Lesoda in Shacharit. The reason being that Mizmor Lesoda parallels the Korban Toda (thanksgiving sacrifice) which was eaten for 2 consecutive days. Since a sacrifice brought on Erev Yom Kippour couldn't be eaten for 2 consecutive days, therefore one couldn't bring a Korban Toda on Erev Yom Kippour. On Erev Yom Kippour one also omits Tachanun, Lamenatze'ach and Avinu Malkeinu. Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 131:2,3 Wishing everybody an easy and meaningful fast, - Danny Tuesday, 8 Tishrei 5769 This post was written in memory of my grandmother - Esther bas Kalman - who passed away on Yom Kippour afternoon

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