Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Halocho #161 - When can one eat blood?

Last week's Torah Reading included numerous warnings against eating blood.

Kosher meat and fowl is kashered with coarse salt in order to remove as much blood as possible.

Since liver is full of blood, salting it is ineffective. Liver needs to be roasted over an open flame to remove as much blood as possible.

Blood spots in eggs may not be eaten, and usually the entire egg is discarded if it has a blood spot.

If a fish has fins and scales then it is Kosher, and its blood may be eaten. However, if the blood has separated from the fish and cannot be distinguished from non-fish blood then it's forbidden.

If a bowl of fish-blood has fish-scales floating in it, then it's permitted.

Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 46:1,2

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- Danny Tuesday, 2 Elul 5768

Please daven for ESTHER DEVORA bat MINDEL RUTH - אסתר דבורה בת מינדל רות

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